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I’ll never come around you again, No more
This will be the end, now just shut that door
But you’ll miss me everyday,
So hurt in every way
It will probably make you wanna go and drive yourself insane

You could have it all but you broke my heart
And now I gotta do what I do
You know you always bring out the best in me
But you played me for a fool 
Why you do that babe
It doesnt have to be this way
But there’s no way I could stay

but the only trophy you deserve, catastrophe
i’d rather we be dead to each other
no eulogies said for each other
no “rest in peace”s
the memories got my chest in pieces
I think I finally know why I don’t like getting involved with someone romantically. Because when I do, I get this annoying paranoia that at any moment the person’s gonna drop me. It makes me feel weak and vulnerable, and I’m not used to that. And I know they say trust and all that but trust just doesn’t come easy with me.

I’m a crumbled up piece of paper lying here
Cause I remember it all all all too well..

Life’s short, so you shouldn’t waste time dating someone who doesn’t care about you, who won’t put the time to be with you, who doesn’t respect you, who calls you names and doesn’t even care if you are sick or stranded somewhere in the middle of the night. Don’t worry about whether he is romantic or whether he loves or hates your fashion taste. They’re secondary stuffs. Date someone who wants to grow old with you. Because truth is, if you don’t grow together, you’ll grow apart.

Along the way, I’ve learned that you can’t let anyone in too far and you can’t trust endlessly. The biggest mistake you can make is to care or love someone more than yourself, because then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Boundaries are necessary so that you can protect yourself, because once you’re broken, you’ll never fully be fixed.

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Because everyone knows and that is all that matters. You can continue hiding behind that facade of yours, but everyone knows.  

The first thing that i can think of now is that you are the most disgusting guy i have ever met and i hope we will never cross path again. 

To think that i thought we could still be friends after everything, i never knew you will do such a thing to me or to all of us. These one and half years worth of memories are worth nothing anymore and the promises we made are all fucked up. The trust we had is long gone from the day i found out how disgusting a guy can ever be.But even so. thank you for the trips to JB, KL, our birthday celebrations, Hongkong & Genting.. They were once good memories that turned bad.

One day karma will come back and get you and for all the girls you played in branch, i hope they remind you of whatever things you did and be a constant reminder to you that you can’t keep something a secret that long. All these will be exposed one day. I can’t stop your prey from falling in love with you but hopefully one day, they will stumble upon here and realised that you have been nothing more than an asshole and forever you will be. Because it’s true, that a leopard will NEVER fucking change its spots. 

I am glad i got over it pretty soon because you are worth nothing, not a single drop of my tears and my memory space. I am happy i can talk about my ‘ordeal’ to people like it’s nothing now because at least they know what you did and how you can’t always hide behind that facade of yours. I was naive and stupid then and i refuse to heed any of my friend’s advice against a player like you because i was too blindly in love to notice, to see through all your lies. 

I will never forget that very day when you lied to me straight in my face even when i know the truth. You are just disappointing and to think you can still treat me like a fool. But thank heavens, someone up there honestly took pity on me for being such a fool and still missing you while i am in Australia while you continue fooling around with the girls in branch. Thank god i found out the truth before i went back or i’d probably continue being like a lovesick fool and still believing the lies you feed me. Thank god i dug too much info and found out too much, i just hope you will stop pretending and telling everyone you have no fucking girlfriend because all you do is fool around and the number of flings you have is uncountable. But i strongly believe what comes around goes around. I pity Ms gohyingxuan for still believing in you and still liking you because she only knew that one side of you for 10 years. Good luck with such a guy anyway :)

I got enlightened, i grew up and i learnt from it. The memories are a constant reminder to myself, to never trust someone so much and so easily. Thanks to you, NO MORE UNDERGROUND RELATIONSHIP. Do not try to contact me anymore because i will never reply you. Lastly and again, may the girls you see in branch be a constant reminder of what you did  I honestly still wish that you will die even though it’s bad but you deserved it. May you constantly be haunted by whatever that everyone in branch know and all the best in hiding. But you know, you can’t hide for long :)

Throwing away all the fucked up memories we had for one and a half years and to a better year in 2014. 

Those minutes where I am alone, just me and my pillow. I think, a lot. I think about everything, anything. It varies from “what am I doing with my life?” to “did I have homework?” The room is so silent, but my mind is so loud. It drives me crazy because the things I would never think about, I think about. Sometimes, I hate it because it brings up thing I would rather never think about again. The split second before sleep is the most active second of my life.


Your daily dose of Love Capsules from The Love Whisperer

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